The 9th sense

a book written and edited by Balázs Simon and based on the contribution of the partnership’s organization staff members and on the contribution of the rural community members who were involved in the project’s theatre laboratories.

Thanks for the great work!

If you read this book, you will learn more about psychological, psycho physiological, and anthropological related art, theoretical fields of knowledge in relation to human performativity. If you are a theatre person, you may not have thought that these fields of knowledge play a role in your daily work, or if you did, you may not have known their interrelationships and science. If you come from the world of the humanities, you may have always thought that theatre, in its various forms, could be a subject for scientific study, but you may not have yet come across a study that summarizes the relevant knowledge.

The niche publication is a comprised theory, regards, techniques and exercises helping to establish inclusive, small scale, democratic groups for any purpose as resources of mental
and physical health, personal growth, creativity, reason and collective wisdom in rural, remote or isolated environments.
According to our analysis there is a great need to explain and demonstrate evidences of theatre’s positive impact on mental health, life-quality and social stability.

The book was created under the coordination of the partner Utcaszak Színházi Alkotó Közösség and written by Balázs Simon with the support of Gabriella Molnár-Keresztyén, and based on the contribution of every partner. Find out more about the translated versions on our website.

Download the book here:

Addendum to the book “Myth behind the community”

The “second chapter” as an addendum to the book Myth behind the community is a test performance, called Janus mistery and carnival, which is a summary of the eight community development pilot projects in the different European villages: Bingenheim (Germany), Méra (Romania), Kazincbarcika (Hungary), Highbridge (UK), Pontelagoscuro (Italy), neighborhood of Bežigrajska soseska 7 in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Cserkút (Hungary).

We hope to be able to tour it all over in European rural arias, as a performance basically made for rural communities with the idea to facilitate the renovation of local feasts, as the double faced Ianus looking back and front is able to close a period of time and to initiate a new one in the life of a local community.

The description of its plot is available on our website, see “Sources” – “The myth behind the community”.

The RIOTE 3 project is ending today

The partnership members: Kud Ljud (SI); Shoshin Theatre Association (RO); Utca-SzAK (HU); Take Art Limited (UK); Protagon e. V. (DE); Teatro Nucleo (IT); Une idée dans l’air (FR); SINUM Theatre (coordinator, HU) are saying goodbye to the RIOTE 3 project today but they are proud of the common results of the last two year’s collaboration. Find out more about the project results on our website. We hope that our partnership will return soon with a new edition of RIOTE project in the future. The main question has been the same since 2016 and it will remain the same also in the future: “How to bring people together by threatre events in rural environment across language barriers?”

We will keep on sharing news about the afterlife of the project.