Members of Shoshin Theatre Association made contact with the local community at the beginning of July. Starting from the recommendations of people that we had already met in previous projects, we went around from house to house, explaining who we are and what we would like to create together with them. Fortunately enough locals felt interested in the project and said YES to what turned out to be a great adventure! After forming the group, we arranged weekly meetings, starting out with different group, concentration, physical expression exercises. This was very easy, as the personal bonds were already there and there was a lot of opening and trust from everyone’s part. We also listened to stories, both personal as well as historical, involving local traditions, myths, facts. In the latter stage of our work together we met more times a week and in the end, based upon the participants’ material and enriched by the very inspiring presence of our RIOTE 3 partners, as well as the young local musician band from Méra we created a performance shared with the community.

During the days of the Joint Staff Training in Mera, besides living and working there daily, we organized a stilt-walking workshop for local participants led by Géza Pintér-Németh from SINUM, and Severine Bruneton and Marc Petazzoni from Une Idee dans l’Air  shared their clown etudes in the center of the village and in the courtyard of the Buffalo Museum where the whole final performance has taken place.

Photos by Miska Lakatos

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