• A long and analytic essay about the RIOTE 2 project and about the Multiplier Event in Dunaszekcső (HU) from Fanny Nánay.


  • An interestin talk in the Hungarian Catholic Radio just right after the Devil’s Cauldron Festival’s participation in Beremend. Our part is from 4:52 to 15:52 minutes:

Resource of the interview:

The file of the interview in case the radio has canceled the content after some time.


  • Balázs Simon was speaking about the outcomes of the project RIOTE 2 in Hungary, during the Summer 2019.



  • An article about the Hungarian Initiative to create a regional rural touring network:

Baranyai falvakba visznek utcaszínházat / They bring street theatre in the villages of the county of Baranya


  • An article by the Magazin of the Tempus Public Foundation about the RIOTE project’s:Pályázati Pavilon - 2019 tavaszi szám by TKA Könyvtár - issuu.html



  • An article about the photo exhibition in Cluj-Napoca on the 12th May 2019 made by Gábor Rumann from the Control Studio (Dunaszekcső, Hungary).

About the Photo exhibition in Cluj-Napoca

  • An article about The Black bull and other stories from Nikolett Németh in Samizdat On-line:

Public Spaces of Fantasy in Rural Environments

  • An article about riote project in The Devon Week:

Community Day 2017 celebrates all that’s great about the Dartington Hall estate