Annex to the Street theatre handbook

We would like to share a great text about the Third Theatre Movement and Street Theatre which is an annex to the book, Why don’t we do it on the road, for adult trainers, and for those, interested to apply the street theatre handbook in a wider,  theoretical context.


The text is an intellectual output of the RIOTE 2 partnership, led by the Italian Partner, Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo and personally by Beppe Chierichetti.

Many theaters, but only one heart

In Italian:

Tanti teatri, un solo cuore



Conference of Birds


streetplay by JUDIT FECSKÉS, based on the poem of FARID UD-DIN ATTAR considering the translation of DICK DAVIS and the dramatic verison of JEAN-CLAUDE CARRIÈRE and PETER BROOK


Gabriella Molnár-Keresztyén, Nikolett Németh, Júlia Fazakas, Viktor Gábor Kozma, Géza Pintér, Krisztián Simó, Balázs Simon, Gáspár Simon 

Costumes, props: TÍMEA PIRÓTH,



A community creation under the direction of BALÁZS SIMON

Easily accessible open-air performance concerning our life’s ever-answered question for children and their parents and for their parents and their parents:


The interactive show of the Hungarian group is something they call a

“public vehicle to the realm of ancient wisdom”

for the never limited audience of streets with a delicate selection of traditional open-air performing art tools.

Please see the photos of the performance:

Emotions behind the objects

We are happy to share the final edited version of our second documentary about the Broken Spectacles theatre company in Dartington.
The film gives a different introduction into the idea of making outdoor theatre, and presents one of the RIOTE 2 training in Dartington in June 2018. The learners were experimenting a research about performative expression in site-specific conditions.
A film photographed and directed by Gábor Rumann / Control Studio Association.

Vidékjáró Kézikönyv

HU.: A Vidékjáró Kézikönyv magyar nyelvű szerkesztett változata elérhető az alábbi képről. A könyv bemutatja az angliai színházi vidékjáró hálózatot, melynek segítségével hivatásos színházak juthatnak el előadásaikkal falvakba az év számos napján, illetve útmutatást ad hasonló színházi struktúra kialakítására más európai országokban, első sorban Magyarországon és Erdélyben.

EN.: The edited Rural Touring Handbook in Hungarian laguage is available from now on our website. If you are interested please find the link on the immage below.

Vidékjáró fedlap

Researched and unrehearsed traditions

This is the title of a new article about RIOTE 2 and about the Multiplier Event in Dunaszekcső (HU) in one of the most important theatre critical portal in Hungary, called Revizor. The author of the long, analytic essay is Fanni Nánay. The text is available in Hungarian.