The partnership went through on three mentor-training program sessions in Méra (Romania), Pontelagoscuro (Italy), Highbridge (UK), where the partners all could witness the work of the host organization with the local community.

Many thank to Shoshin Theatre, to Teatro Nucleo and to Take Art. Having done all these in one month was like a whirlwind for all of us, an extremely intensive period.

For more information and photos you are wellcome to visit the organization pages:

Riote 3 – Reloaded after Ferrara

Many thanks to Teatro Nucleo for hosting the eight organizations of the Riote 3 partnership on the 8th and 9th July in Ferrara. After this great meeting, the partners finally can deepen their research to discover and revive ancient or contemporary mythologies all over the countryside of Europe within local groups, through community theatre encounters.

Partnership training in Gagyapáti

The RIOTE 3 partners came together in between 19-24 May, at Gagyapáti, to share knowledge about community theatre practices and to visit different locations of the Teatrom Festival and the rural touring network of Utca-SzAK in Borsod county, in the north-east of Hungary: Bódvalenke, Alsóvadász, Gagyapáti, Gagybátor, Miskolc.

If you are interested, you are wellcome to see some of our photos on this link.

or see the Galerie of Séverine Bruneton.

Recorded Verbatim Theatre

Take Art ran a What Change training session for the RIOTE3 partners on 12 April 2021. Artist, Selina Keedwell, gave an introduction to her particular theatre practice: Recorded Verbatim Theatre. Here she is being interviewed about her new verbatim project Mothers in Lockdown –