Closing Meeting in Bergamo


The SCHEDULE of the meeting and the PHOTOS.

The last organizational meeting of RIOTE 2 project was in Bergamo on the 29th August. Thanks to Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo for the hospitality and to every seven partners for supporting this project in the last three years.

In the evening we were also part of the Cinetascabile program series, where the three documentary films by Gábor Rumann about the project were seen.



3-days long Rural Touring Cultural Manager Training

Take Art introduced the concept of “rural touring” in England, where professional theatre companies are invited to perform in villages. We run practical exercises from 3 perspectives.


For more detailed program visit the next page:

in Engilsh

in Hungarian


Dartington – “Flowering” Partner Meeting

The fourth Partner meeting happened right after the Multiplier Event in Dartington Hall Trust (for details please see the Multiplier Events in menu) on the 5th May ’19. The partners had an important moment to reflect on the freshly arrived results of the project, the two books and the film. The meeting was also a kick-off for the series of Multiplier Events in May, June, July in every partner country.




Cluj-Napoca – ME and IO Partner Meeting

The third Partner Meeting was the last occasion for the partners to personally speak through their Intellectual Outputs and Multiplier Events, the coordination and dissemination before their premier in May 2019. Thank you for Shoshin Theatre Association for the great hospitality and organisation. See you in Dartington on 5th May!

22th January 2019



In 2019 the project arrives to present its main Intellectual Outputs in the frame of Multiplier Events in every partner country.
Two books and a film are in preparation, they are coming soon…



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