Second Partner Meeting in Ferrara

Seven partners from the eight were able to meet in Ferrara finally after the lock down period. The second management meeting was on the 8th and 9th of July 2021.

Second Joint Staff Training (C5) in Gagyapáti, hosted by Utca-SzAK

The RIOTE 3 partners came together in between 19-24 May, at Gagyapáti, to share knowledge about community theatre practices and to visit different locations of the Teatrom Festival and the rural touring network of Utca-SzAK in Borsod county, in the north-east of Hungary: Bódvalenke, Alsóvadász, Gagyapáti, Gagybátor, Miskolc.

If you are interested, you are wellcome to see some of our photos on this link.

or see the Galerie of Séverine Bruneton.

First Joint Staff Training (C3) in Frankfurt am Main, hosted by Protagon E. V.

It was something very special to temporarily forget about restrictions, and enter the protected bubble of Antagon TheaterAKTion during the Winterwerft community event, where all the participants lived and worked together for about 10 days (from 4-14 February) without masks, touching and hugging each other in various physical theatre workshops and besides. We followed each other’s performances and concerts live, while sharing the same space. (All participants arrived with a negative virus test, and we were in a quarantine at the festival. It worked.)Thank you for this unforgettable act to reconnect!

Videos about the workshop and the symposium

Howl workshop work demonstration and Antagon Theater’s performancehttps://vimeo.com/511789766/9e88da68c7

Riote 3 symposium hosted and organized by Protagonhttps://vimeo.com/511315490/381bb9d1fc