The Myth, behind the community

This strand will create a Handbook focusing on sharing the skills and practices developed and used by each of the partner European theatre companies. For example, thematically:
such as creating arts in the environment projects, or practically such as physical theatre/vocal skills in rural and site-specific context..
We are planning to create a book of „know-how” about community-theatre practice, addressed especially to the rural communities (with a special attention to the elderly people). The
uniqueness of this book will be its special focus on local mythologies. How can we develop the environmental consciousness of the local community by rediscovering stories, coming to
common interpretations, and eventually, staging local “myths.” In this process, we would like to empower the group and to develop its cohesion by the collective play and creation.

The lead partner of this product is Teatro Nucleo.

We expect to share the first result in March 2022.

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