About the theatre workshop with the local community/

Since the end of August a group of 14 people from Bingenheim, age range from 21 – 75, participated in the RIOTE 3 Theatre Workshop, led by Daniela Christ, Lucas Tanajura and Benedikt Müller, three experienced actors and workshop leaders of antagon theaterAKTion from Frankfurt am Main.

In ten afternoon sessions 3h each, the participants worked on and exchanged their personal bonds and history with the place, its landscape and people. This was often a quite intimate process. Through training with non-verbal, physical theatre exercises, slowly different stories of these local inhabitants were interwoven into a storyline, that reflected some characteristics of the village, but also made the intimate relationship of the actors feelable and a touching experience for the audience.

Nearly all participants stayed from the beginning until the end in the project and after the public performance on the 28th of September which was were well received by the local public (about 60 people came to watch), there are strong attempts to create a continuous theatre group with the support of the municipalities.

All participants and the workshopleaders are overall very grateful for this experience. Check out the video of the public performance here:

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