Eighth Joint Staff Training in France

France in Villars Apt, 2022. July from 1st to 3rd.
France in Villars Apt, 2022. July from 1st to 3rd.

The last joint staff training hosted by Une ideé dans l’air, was dedicated to the theme of making art for the local community being inspired by ecological gardening and a way of cooking which is taking in consideration the local products. This is a great part of a European wide emerging question: how to create a sustainable living in rural area by using more and more local resources?

Final Partner Meeting in Hungary

The final partner meeting was hosted by Sinum Theatre to discuss about the actual state of the project and also about its dissemination strategies. Those (and most of the) partners who had the chance to meet in live, carried out an overall evaluation of the project as well.

Castle of Pécsvárad, Abbot Astrik Hall, 2022. 06. 25. Photo of Grischa Wiesner

Seventh Joint Staff Training in Slovenia

Izola, 29th May 2022.

The RIOTE 3 partnership was in Slovenia last weekend (27-29 May) and discovered the social power of Table Theatre in the neighborhood of Bežigrajska soseska 7 in Ljubljana, thanks to Christiane Wiegand as mentor and to the local theatre team: director Vida Cerkvrenik Bren; actors: Uroš Maček and Zala Ana Štiglic.

Second day the partnership traveled to Sevnica to offer a one day long rural touring event for the approximately 5000 inhabitants of the little town. Performances were the Fugue in Me minor presented by Teatro Nucleo (IT) in Lutrovska klet, and the KlimaX performed by Antagon Akion Theatre and Protagon e. V. (DE) in the the atrium of the Castle of Sevnica. The public members were guided by the clowns of Une idée dans l’air (FR).

Selected photos, offered by the participants.

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