Saint George and the Dragon

On the 16th of October a performance on the theme of the Saint George and the Dragon was realized by the local community and with the active participation of the Riote 3 partnership colleges.

The Outdoor site specific performance elaborated a local myth as the Saint George is an existing icon on the internal wall of the ancient Catholic Church of Cserkút.

The performance was written and directed by Zsuzsanna Szabó who is a puppet maker and performer artist and an inhabitant of the village of Cserkút.

The rehearsal process was two months long, and different inhabitants of the village participated from different generations.

Before the performance, which happened during the sunset, the clown actors of the Une Idée Dans L’air and the stilt walkers acrobatic artists of Protagon presented their short performances on different parts of the village as small street theatre festival.

See here the announcement of the event:

Street Theatre Festival in Cserkút

Theatre Conference about HRV measurement and about the role of the myth in the community development work.

And some pictures about the event:

To see the photos, visit this page: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QP0_4SCuBbQvZfu99lSHMiVsZNZSHZwM?usp=sharing

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