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A common intellectual outcome of the project is the WIN concept, what was elaborated during the partner meetings to improve the quality of the Intellectual Outputs and to find out long term sustainable ecosystem concept for the project results and for the network building.

Wise Interventions Network (WIN), written by the RIOTE 2 partnership


Stories in the street, dancing in the street


A great Summary about the first project:

RIOTE About – Summary of 2016 and 2017


RIOTE projects’ study materials

►Caterina Scotti – Nika Gabrovsek  Helen Aldrich – Enikő Györgyjakab – László Sipos – Csongor Köllő – Sándor Komáromi  Géza Pintér: Dossier, a collection of studies about teaching methodology and experiences of outdoor theatre

► Joe Hankock – Antonietta Fusco – Nika Gabrovsek  László Sipos – Géza Pintér  Csongor Köllő: Dossier, Comparative study research about the Rural Touring Network and other European realities

Realated articles

Research at the Arts Council and Rural Communities Rural Stakeholder Meeting, 24th January, 2017

► Ralph Lister: NRTF response to the ace rural evidence and data review 2015

► Arts Council England: Rural evidence and data review. Manchester, 2015

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