We are happy to announce the publication of Why Don’t We Do It in the Road: A Personal Guide to Outdoor Interactive Theatre, written by Vida Cerkvenik Bren.

Why Dont We Do It in the Road - illustration 02 (by Robin Klengel)

Why Don’t We Do It in the Road is a book for anyone:

… who enjoys creating outdoor theatre performances,

… who is interested in learning about it,

… who is interested in the mechanisms behind it,

… and for anyone who is … well … just generally interested in things.


Why Don’t We Do It in the Road invites you to enter the world of outdoor theatre through the personal experiences, stories and views of performers, directors and pedagogues from across Europe. The book shares their theoretical thoughts as well as practical advices. It provides tools for analysing existing theatre phenomena and suggests helpful tips and exercises that will help you make a new creation of your own.


The book is one of the main results of RIOTE2 project and is intended as a free learning tool for adult education across Europe.


To read more about the book & to download a free copy in English visit our sources section.

The book is also available in Italian. The translations in Hungarian, Romanian and Slovene are coming soon.


Towards a playful beeing

The first documentary film about Kud Ljud’s history and pedagogical work made by Gábor Rumann and the Control Studio Association is available from now.

Other three films will come soon:

Enjoy! 🙂



Ljubljana, 3rd June 2019

KUD Ljud in cooperation with Slovenian Theatre Institute invites you to the conference on theatre in public spaces.

What is the position of theatre in public spaces in Slovenia? Do the artists who work in public spaces have the same opportunities as the other performing artists? What is the state of education on outdoor theatre in Slovenia? And what kind of a future awaits them?

Join us on the 3rd June from 9 a.m. at the Slovenian Theatre Institute in Ljubljana and help us find answers to these questions. An all day event will include presentations of two recently published books: Why Don’t We Do It in the Road: A Personal Guide to Outdoor Interactive Theatre held by its author Vida Cerkvenik Bren and the Rural Touring Handbook as well as projections of documentary films: Rural Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education – Three views which have all come to life as part of RIOTE2 project.

On the program there are also two round table discussions: one dedicated to the general position of outdoor theatre in Slovenia and the other on the state of education on outdoor theatre. Among the participants of the discussions will be established artists, festival organizers, professors, pedagogues, representatives of public institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Detailed program including the list of participants can be found HERE (Slovene only).



Bergamo, 19th May 2019 

The official presentation of the three Intellectual Outputs born from the work of the last months of RIOTE2 will take place at the Auditorium di Loreto in Bergamo, on May 19th 5 pm.
Guests of Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo: Helen Aldrich (Broken Spectacles), Balázs Simon (Utca SzAK) and Csongor Köllő (Shoshin Theatre Association) who will report their formative and performative experience in their respective homelands.
The event will be in the frame of the project UP TO YOU promoted by Assessorato alla Cultura di Bergamo and Bergamo per i Giovani and realized by Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale, in collaboration with the project Dominio Pubblico di Roma. It will be held from May 16th to 19th in different places in the city of Bergamo.
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