Recorded Verbatim Theatre

Take Art ran a What Change training session for the RIOTE3 partners on 12 April 2021. Artist, Selina Keedwell, gave an introduction to her particular theatre practice: Recorded Verbatim Theatre. Here she is being interviewed about her new verbatim project Mothers in Lockdown –

Howl workshop, Winterwerft Festival, Riote 3 training and symposium, all in the bubble of Protagon, during this special time

En.: It was something very special to temporarily forget about restrictions, and enter the protected bubble of Antagon TheaterAKTion during the Winterwerft community event, where all the participants lived and worked together for about 10 days without masks, touching and hugging each other in various physical theatre workshops and besides. We followed each other’s performances and concerts live, while sharing the same space. (All participants arrived with a negative virus test, and we were in a quarantine at the festival. It worked.)Thank you for this unforgettable act to reconnect!

Hu.: Igazán különleges élmény a korlátozások idején belépni az Antagon TheaterAKTion védett buborékjába a Winterwerft családias rendezvényére, ahol 10 napig maszkok nélkül, érintéssel dolgozhattunk a különféle fizikai színházi workshopokon, és élőben követhettük egymás előadásait, koncertjeit! (Minden résztvevő negatív vírusteszttel érkezett, és mintegy karanténba vonultunk a fesztivál idejére. Működött.) Köszönet ezért a felejthetetlen közösségi élményért!

Videos about the workshop and the symposium / Felvételek a műhelyről és a kerekasztal beszélgetésről

Howl workshop work demonstration and Antagon Theater’s performance / a Teatro Nucleo és az Antagon Színház műhelyének munkabemutatója:

Riote 3 symposium hosted and organized by Protagon / Riote 3 kerekasztal beszélgetés a Protagon szervezésében:


From 4th to 14th February 2021.

HRV introductory online course

The partnership had an online training on the 15th December, about the practical use of the Firstbeat, Heart Rate Variability digital assessment tools.

The training was held by Gergely Vada from Fusion Vital Hungary ( for every riote 3 partner.

Firstbeat Life is a subscription-based corporate wellness solution for modern workplace well-being management, and an integral part of preventive healthcare.”

Farewell to each other for the year 2020. See you soon in ’21!