What is RIOTE?

We are a collection of theatre companies, programmers and film makers who are passionate about rural and outdoor performance.

We are researching diverse and approachable styles of outdoor theatre which can surprise, challenge and relate intimately to people’s lives. We are interested in outdoor theatre’s potential to reach new audiences who are not necessarily theatre goers.

The UK has a Rural Touring Network which is a nationwide initiative developed over the past 50 years. It takes brilliant performances to remote communities with the help of local people. The UK is one of the only countries to have such a network and we, at RIOTE, are want to create one that reaches across the whole of Europe.

Companies from Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and the UK have created RIOTE – “Rural Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education”; a three year project which will enable the companies to visit each other and learn from their approach to outdoor and rural theatre. We also showcase each other’s work across Europe and bring high-quality theatre to rural areas.