Janus mystery and carnival

“Attain to utmost emptiness. Cling single-heartedly to interior peace. While all things are stirring together. I only contemplate the Return. For flourishing as they do. Each of them will return to its root. To return to the root is to find peace. To find peace is to fulfill one’s destiny. To fulfill one’s destiny is to be constant. To know the Constant is called Insight. If one does not know the Constant, One runs blindly into disasters. […]”

(Lao Tzu’s Tao-Teh-Ching)

The team of Sinum Theatre has created a performance dedicating to the theme of winter solstice. The performance used poems and scenes from the life of Janus Pannonius (Hungarian Renaissance poet) and in the same time evoked the image of Janus, the ancient Roman Divinity, who was a determinant figure for cycle changes.

As part of the Riote 3 project our general aim is to investigate ancient mythologies as a potential tool for contemporary performance in order to consider and sense a different quality of presence towards our natural environment.

See our gallery (photos by Róbert Érdi and Tibor Pintér):

Cserkút (Hungary) 21st December 2021.

A Beautiful Day / Egy csodálatos nap

En/ First time a micro street-theatre festival has taken place in the centre of Cserkút village (in Baranya county of Hungary) on the 16th October 2021. Thank you for the great contributions of the clowns from Une idée dans l’air (FR) of the stilt walkers from Protagon e. V. (DE), of the musician-actors from Teatro Nucleo (IT) and of the community of Cserkút which generously hosted the event and has offered a performance about Saint George and the Dragon with the direction of Zsuzsanna Szabó. /photos by Gábor Rumann/

Hu/ Első alkalommal került megrendezésre egy Utcaszínházi Kavalkád Cserkút központjában 2021. október 16-án. Köszönjük az Une idée dans l’air francia bohócainak, a Protagon e. V. német-brazil gólyalábasainak a Teatro Nucleo zenészeinek a fantasztikus hozzájárulást illetve Cserkút közösségének nagylelkű vendégszeretetét. Külön köszönet illeti a Szabó Zsuzsanna rendezésében megvalósuló helyi színjátszócsoport előadását, amelyben színre vitték a cserkúti Keresztelő Szent János templom Szent György és a Sárkány freskója ihlette szabadtéri előadást, ahol az őszi naplementében a legenda újra életre kelhetett. /alább, Rumann Gábor fotói/

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The partnership went through on three mentor-training program sessions in Méra (Romania), Pontelagoscuro (Italy), Highbridge (UK), where the partners all could witness the work of the host organization with the local community.

Many thank to Shoshin Theatre, to Teatro Nucleo and to Take Art. Having done all these in one month was like a whirlwind for all of us, an extremely intensive period.

For more information and photos you are wellcome to visit the organization pages:

Riote 3 – Reloaded after Ferrara

Many thanks to Teatro Nucleo for hosting the eight organizations of the Riote 3 partnership on the 8th and 9th July in Ferrara. After this great meeting, the partners finally can deepen their research to discover and revive ancient or contemporary mythologies all over the countryside of Europe within local groups, through community theatre encounters.

Partnership training in Gagyapáti

The RIOTE 3 partners came together in between 19-24 May, at Gagyapáti, to share knowledge about community theatre practices and to visit different locations of the Teatrom Festival and the rural touring network of Utca-SzAK in Borsod county, in the north-east of Hungary: Bódvalenke, Alsóvadász, Gagyapáti, Gagybátor, Miskolc.

If you are interested, you are wellcome to see some of our photos on this link.

or see the Galerie of Séverine Bruneton.