Addendum to the book “Myth behind the community”

The “second chapter” as an addendum to the book Myth behind the community is a test performance, called Janus mistery and carnival, which is a summary of the eight community development pilot projects in the different European villages: Bingenheim (Germany), Méra (Romania), Kazincbarcika (Hungary), Highbridge (UK), Pontelagoscuro (Italy), neighborhood of Bežigrajska soseska 7 in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Cserkút (Hungary).

We hope to be able to tour it all over in European rural arias, as a performance basically made for rural communities with the idea to facilitate the renovation of local feasts, as the double faced Ianus looking back and front is able to close a period of time and to initiate a new one in the life of a local community.

The description of its plot is available on our website, see “Sources” – “The myth behind the community”.

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