Towards the end of the project

The partnership will share very soon the main fruits of their last two years collaboration which are two important books in preparation: The myth behind the community and the Ninth sense.

We are very excited to share soon those intellectual fruits of our recent experiences hoping to offer something very actual and urgent resource for other European colleagues.

The RIOTE 3 project will end on the 30th September. The last project activities were in Hungary, in the Castle of Pécsvárad on the 25th June giving space to the “final partner meeting”, then in France, in Villars Apt from 1st to 3rd July to host the last joint staff training and also the French multiplier event on the 4th July.

Such a melancholic feeling arriving to the end of a two years long cooperation, but also towards the end of a six years long series of projects (RIOTE, RIOTE2 and RIOTE 3).

Projects are ending, but the partnership will remain to search for new pathways.

And now it is still an exciting moment of the present project, as soon we will be able to share the main results. The Romanian and Hungarian multiplier events will happen in September. We are looking forward!

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