Conference of Birds


streetplay by JUDIT FECSKÉS, based on the poem of FARID UD-DIN ATTAR considering the translation of DICK DAVIS and the dramatic verison of JEAN-CLAUDE CARRIÈRE and PETER BROOK


Gabriella Molnár-Keresztyén, Nikolett Németh, Júlia Fazakas, Viktor Gábor Kozma, Géza Pintér, Krisztián Simó, Balázs Simon, Gáspár Simon 

Costumes, props: TÍMEA PIRÓTH,



A community creation under the direction of BALÁZS SIMON

Easily accessible open-air performance concerning our life’s ever-answered question for children and their parents and for their parents and their parents:


The interactive show of the Hungarian group is something they call a

“public vehicle to the realm of ancient wisdom”

for the never limited audience of streets with a delicate selection of traditional open-air performing art tools.

Please see the photos of the performance:

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