Bergamo, 19th May 2019 

The official presentation of the three Intellectual Outputs born from the work of the last months of RIOTE2 will take place at the Auditorium di Loreto in Bergamo, on May 19th 5 pm.
Guests of Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo: Helen Aldrich (Broken Spectacles), Balázs Simon (Utca SzAK) and Csongor Köllő (Shoshin Theatre Association) who will report their formative and performative experience in their respective homelands.
The event will be in the frame of the project UP TO YOU promoted by Assessorato alla Cultura di Bergamo and Bergamo per i Giovani and realized by Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale, in collaboration with the project Dominio Pubblico di Roma. It will be held from May 16th to 19th in different places in the city of Bergamo.
03 UP TO U CARD AVANT_page-0001
03 UP TO U CARD AVANT_page-0002

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